Year 2021 – how was it for us? 

2021 was the year of development and work. 

We couldn’t complain about the lack of the latter. Online technological solutions are even more necessary during a pandemic. A good example is a product for one of our clients – an app for online payments, which is much more important when offline events are more difficult to organise. The situation today is the employee’s market, so for another year in a row we are open to hybrid or 100% remote employment. 

For us, one of the most important achievements is the satisfaction of our customers and employees. We have a stabilization and financial strategy, in 2021 we started to regularly invest in Bitcoin. A Norwegian startup – Lunsjkollektivitet – has joined our portfolio without any active actions on our side. Thanks to our daily work and commitment, we operate as a group of professionals. 

This year, 19 employees joined us, we are building a dynamically developing IT software house in Ustroń. We increase the competences of employees and improve working conditions by taking care of the office and its surroundings. We do not forget about people working remotely – for several months we have been having a virtual coffee break, focusing on internal communication. We spend a lot of energy and time to make Rocksoft a better place, asking employees what is most valuable to them during their work. First of all, we ensure that everyone has the necessary tools for his/her daily work. In addition, we are always open and willing to add something extra, which we often talk about at regular 1 to 1 meetings. We organize quarterly meetings for our Team and also our relatives, so that despite the hard times we can get to know each other well. As a team, we engage in CSR activities, for example: preparing Christmas gifts as part of „Santa Claus for Senior”. It’s also important for us to support young talents, we accept students from local universities and high schools for internships (they don’t make coffee, we have a coffee machine for that purpose 😊), Juniors join teams from the very first days and actively participate in meetings with clients. 

This year we remembered several events: NDC Conference in Oslo, where we participated together with our client in workshops related to distributed architecture systems, Releasing a new version of .NET 6 from the world of Microsoft. In the local arena, we took part in BB Days4 IT and conducted a webinar for the University of Silesia. This is the beginning of spreading IT passion locally. 

What will 2022 bring us? 

Due to high inflation, gradually more and more people will be interested in personal finance, the economy, Bitcoin, the history of countries that have experienced hyperinflation, but also – what has been accelerated by the pandemic – people are looking and will look even more for online communities that are easier to build around the world. The topics of privacy and cybersecurity will be one of the many challenges in the coming months. We do not know what the “new normalcy” will look like and as an employer we must focus on work-life balance, the health of our employees and transparent communication. Organizational culture is important to us and we say this during the first recruitment interview that apart from experience, we look for passion and proactivity. 

Are we waiting for something? No, as Rocksoft, we want to be better people and employees every day. We are ready for new challenges, we are armed with experience and knowledge. Our new version of the Rocksoft website is a place where we will be able to show the world what we believe in and inspire others with our passion for the IT world. 

You will hear more about us 😊