No-code in Rocksoft: Webflow’s Latest Innovations for 2023

In October, I participated in the online conference 'Webflow Conf 2023′ organized by Webflow. I believe this event reinforced not only my conviction but also that of the other participants, that Webflow has enormous potential that is continuously evolving. The conference provided a wealth of valuable information and updates about this platform. 

Three of them particularly caught my attention: 

  1. Localization and Business Accessibility – Webflow has introduced a feature that allows for changing the languages of a website without the need for external plugins. This makes creating multilingual projects much simpler and more intuitive. 
  2. Spline – Extensive modernization of 3D elements. Integration with Spline opens up new possibilities for designers in creating advanced and interactive elements on websites. This is definitely a forward-looking tool that I have already started using in my projects 🙂 
  3. Controlled Styles – Variables have been introduced that store various values. I have been using this for some time now, and it really serves its purpose. It helps maintain consistency while building a website. 

Webflow is constantly striving to make work easier for designers and developers by providing tools that meet the current market needs. I am convinced that, thanks to such innovations, Webflow will become the standard in Poland for businesses that want to provide their customers with the highest quality online experiences. 💼🌐 

Link to the recap: Webflow Conf 2023 Keynote Recap 

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