Rocksoft’s company barbecue

This past Wednesday, August 19, we finally managed to organize a company barbecue. The weather disappointed us greatly, but by no means proved to be an obstacle that would stop us from realizing the planned event. Just as we do every day when we give our best to achieve pre-set goals, we rolled up our sleeves and found a way to make sure the day wasn’t spoiled by rainy weather.

Outside we were still grilling, and inside we were already feasting

It was short but succinct (or if you prefer „short but strong”, as the Norwegians say „kort og kraftig”). The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly. Some even associated it with a Christmas Eve gathering. We had a chance to talk after a long period of continuous remote work. There were all too many topics. We chatted about cars, technology, batteries, the political situation, but also about children, families, vacations and trips. We have to admit that if the barbecue had lasted a few hours longer, no one was likely to get bored anyway.

For 5 people this meeting was the first in our company, as they joined Rocksoft in the past 4-5 months. Interestingly, we managed to organize everything so smoothly that even people from faraway Gdansk and Wroclaw arrived in Ustron. Despite meticulous calculations and preparations, it turned out that we made way too much food. We didn’t manage to eat everything. Well, it’s better that way than if there was to be a shortage of food.

A big thank you to all who make up Rocksoft! It was very nice and entertaining. Until the next meeting.

Oskar Pilch