2020 in numbers

The year 2020 was exceptional. For some better, for some worse, but for no one was it ordinary. Peter and I have already summarized the past year at Rocksoft, answering some open questions, so I refer those interested to here, while in this post I wanted to additionally mention a handful of interesting statistics and briefly explain how we interpret them.

As an IT company, we place a high value on analytics. Verifying our investments based on data is an important issue for us; both when we work on projects for clients, but also when we do something „for ourselves.” In addition, we strive in our operations to build future plans also on the basis of analytics, rather than solely on gut feelings and experience. We see great potential for further development in this area.

The two main mediums that are the most important part of the Rocksoft brand at this point are our website and our profile on LinkedIn. The website is, of course, our business card, and as of 2020, it’s also the place where we occasionally post mostly about what’s most relevant to us at any given time. LinkedIn is a place that gives us the opportunity to connect with ambitious and competent people who want to grow in the IT industry. Therefore, it is crucial for us to be present and seen, so that anyone who wants – can find us and learn as much as possible about us.


We want our website to carry a clear message about what we do, our approach to our daily work and who we are. It is important to us that as many potential employees and customers as possible scroll through our site. What do the statistics say?

Number of unique users 2019 vs. 2020: +284,89%
Number of unique page views 2019 vs. 2020: +277,11%

Users per month in 2020.

We have managed to provide content that has enabled us to record huge increases in terms of interest in our site. A great contributor to this progress is the increased activity on LinkedIn, from where we link to various publications appearing on our site. In addition to this, regular blogging should be considered a success, as this is also how we manage to reach people who are in our target audience.

As a side note, I would like to add that the most popular blog posts in 2020 were:

In terms of interest in job postings, the most popular positions turned out to be:

  • Full-stack developer
  • Project manager
  • Senior .NET developer

Rocksoft na LinkedIn

We seriously started making our presence felt on LinkedIn just in 2020, so comparisons of results to previous years don’t make much sense. I will focus here on sheer numbers.

Number of total observers (new in 2020):: 452 (398)

New observers in 2020.

We are not a large company, so the above result is quite a feat for us. Importantly, these 452 people who are watching us are those in the industry, the ones we most want to reach. Thanks to the fact that so many people have taken an interest in Rocksoft, we manage to reach a very wide audience.

Publication views in 2020 (average per publication): 28,273 (399)

Publication displays in 2020.

Regularity is the key word here and our branding team has done a great job in this area. Day after day, week after week and month after month, there has been consistent content building, which is not done by force, but also does not give the impression of pushiness. This is confirmed by the fact that the most popular post on our profile last year was the launch of our weekly dose of news from the world of IT and beyond, titled „Rocksówka”.

You can be sure that we will learn the lessons of 2020 to be even more effective in 2021.
Thank you for reading!